Taiwan Showfou Pump Bronze Logo

We will have to compete in a completely free-market economy in the future. Every employee at Showfou is ready to face this challenge because it is an inevitable trend that the global market focuses on the quality of products, skills, professionalism, service, management, and benefits. At Showfou we will be faithful to our philosophy of uniqueness and quality, and be strict regarding the quality of our products in order to pave the way for a better future. We will strive to achieve our vision of promoting pump-manufacturing techniques and making a positive change in the world.


We made changes for the purpose of pursuing the everlasting existence and growth of our business and creating new images of both our products and the trademark for SHOWFOU Pumps.
In the past 40 years, SHOWFOU ELECTRIC MACHINE CO., LTD. had accumulated diversified experiences and developing ability in the professional field of the pump, blower, and other relative equipment. Our products are of consistently high quality and have obtained a good reputation in foreign and domestic markets. On this foundation, we devoted ourselves to the design of the business identification system. Now, we had completed the basic design of the business trademark, standard Chinese and English typeface, and standard colors which were published on the day of March 29, 1992, also our founding anniversary, The system still needs all of our employees to promote cooperatively and consistently.

“BE BETTER, BE DIFFERENT” is our perpetual slogan which at the same time also represents the aggressive, enthusiastic, and professional intent of SHOWFOU Products. It is hoped the industry circles will continuously provide their support and encouragement to us and jointly strive for the new and everlasting life of the pump industry.